Carly Hatton - Follow Your Dreams
Carly Hatton - Follow Your Dreams

About Carly

Carly was born on September 2, 1992. At age four, Carly was diagnosed "high functioning autistic".

Carly began school at Tytler in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with a wonderful educational assistant with her. However, Carly was in her own world, unable to tell us of her feelings and her frustrations, and so she began to draw.

People far and wide have been amused and fascinated by her drawings, as they tell us of how she sees the world. Her world is full of animals, families and most importantly, love.

In addition to her drawings, Carly also enjoys making small sculptures and she spends a lot of her time writing stories.

Carly's Awards and Achievements

Her paintings and drawings were first taken to a craft show in November 2001, where 47 pieces were sold. In the years to follow, Carly received numerous recognitions for her academic efforts and artistic talents, which include: